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Surge Protection in Springfield, VA and Northern Virginia Area

Power strips may not be enough to safeguard your business and electronics from electrical surges. Even though a power surge lasts a split second, it can cause irreparable damage to your building's wiring and electronic devices. Protect your property by relying on Walsh Electric for surge protection in Springfield, VA.

While surge protectors offer a certain level of protection for devices on a particular outlet, they do not protect entire buildings. However, whole-building surge protection shields everything at once, from computers and major appliances to medical equipment and other electrical devices. Don't lose it all if lightning strikes or the power surges. We can shield your place from shocks.

Surge Protection Alexandria VA

Whole-Building Surge Protection
Whether it's a big lightning strike or even a small power discharge, electrical surges from outside of your property can potentially cost thousands of dollars. It's a fact that 60 to 80 percent of power surges start inside a home or business. Grounding problems, electrical panel issues, and faulty appliances are all culprits.

Our whole-building surge protector safeguards your sensitive equipment. These systems are actually hardwired into your service panel so you do not need to install separate surge protectors on every outlet. Enjoy peace of mind in any weather by trusting our electricians to install surge protection equipment at your business.

Affordable Surge Protectors
At Walsh Electric, we offer a full range of reliable and innovative surge protection products. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, we have the product that is right for you. We install surge protectors for small retail stores, warehouses, medical facilities, and all other industries. Protect your entire building or simply a section that contains sensitive electronic equipment.

Power surges do much more than damage computers and other electrical devices. They also cause employee downtime, missed sales, and customer inconvenience. Shield your business from the real threat of electrical surges so you can keep your doors open and your customers happy. We offer surge protection solutions that cater to your needs and your budget.

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