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Surge Protection in McLean, VA

A bolt of lightning or an electrical surge can damage your electrical devices at your business in an instant. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs, why not protect your equipment in advance? Let Walsh Electric shield your business by installing surge protection in McLean, VA.

Instead of depending on unreliable and inadequate power strips to protect your computers and electronics, depend on our commercial electricians for surge protection. We'll protect everything all at once. Don't let a power surge destroy your valuable equipment and cause unnecessary downtime. Our powerful equipment effectively shields a section of your building or your entire electrical system from surges.

Why Do You Need Surge Protection for Your Business?
Keep high voltage discharges out of your building! A large lightning bolt delivers as much as one billion volts of electricity. Smaller bolts generate about 100 million volts. Whether it's a small or large bolt, if it hits your building, the incident can cost you thousands of dollars in damages. In an instant, you could lose computers, televisions, medical equipment, and other electronics.

However, lightning is not the primary cause of electrical damage for business owners. Between 60 and 80 percent of electrical discharges happen from inside a building. These are caused by grounding problems, electrical wiring issues, ARC fault discharges, and faulty appliances. Save your electrical equipment from damage by allowing our electricians to install powerful, yet affordable, surge protection devices.

Surge Protection McLean, VA

How Does Surge Protection Work?
Similar to a dam on a river, a surge protector reduces or blocks the flow of excessive electricity. Point-of-use surge protectors will only protect electronic devices on that outlet. However, if there is significant electrical discharge, it may not be enough. Whole-building surge protection safeguards your entire building. They are hardwired into your electrical panel and provide reliable protection from surges inside and outside your building.

Whether you own a retail store, a small business, or a manufacturing plant, you need to take preventive action against electrical surges. Our surge suppression equipment shield you against minor and major voltage spikes. We have installed quality and reliable products for more than 30 years.

 Contact us for more information about our affordable commercial surge protectors. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in McLean, Virginia.