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Surge Protection in Arlington, VA

Power strips may not be enough to safeguard your business and electronics from surges. Safeguard your computers and important electrical equipment by choosing Walsh Electric for surge protection in Arlington, VA. Although power strips and point-of-use surge protectors offer a certain level of protection, they cannot protect everything.

When you depend on our electricians for surge protection, we protect everything at once by installing powerful equipment to shield you from electrical discharges. Don't lose valuable time and equipment when there is a power surge. Allow us to protect your business from electrical surges.

What Is Surge Protection?
A surge protector is a device that limits the amount of voltage supplied to an outlet or electrical equipment. It accomplishes this by blocking the current or grounding any unwanted voltage. Whole-building surge protection safeguards your entire building. The systems are hardwired into your circuit board to deliver reliable protection in the event of an electrical surge.

The Reason for Surge Protection
Do you have a plan in place to protect your business if lightning or electrical surges occur? One lightning bolt can deliver as much as one billion volts of electricity. Whether it's a small strike, a big bolt, or another kind of power surge, an electrical discharge can cost your business thousands of dollars in damages.

At the same time, power surges are not only caused by lightning or problems outside of your property. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of electrical surges come from inside a building. Grounding problems, electrical wiring issues, and faulty appliances are all culprits. Allow our team to install powerful and affordable surge protection devices at your business.

Surge Protection Arlington, VA

Commercial Surge Protectors
Whether you manage a retail store, a small business, or a large manufacturing plant, you need to take preemptive action against electrical surges. Our heavy-duty commercial surge suppression devices protect against even severe voltage spikes. In addition, they provide protection against common and undetectable surges that are caused by normal everyday operations.

Instead of spending money replacing your damaged equipment, why not take preemptive action? We have provided quality products and valuable installation services for commercial customers for more than 30 years.

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We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in Arlington, Virginia.