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LED Lighting Upgrades in Fairfax, VA

Reduce energy consumption at your business while enhancing your indoor space. The electricians at Walsh Electric cast your business in a new light by providing LED lighting upgrades in Fairfax, VA. This advanced and affordable lighting product offers bright solutions for all of your lighting needs. By converting your current lighting system to LEDs, you reduce maintenance, minimize energy usage, and increase revenue.

Harsh fluorescent lights and expensive incandescent lights. Why bother with them? LED lights are not only more visually appealing than fluorescent lights, but they offer excellent energy savings. Pay less for your electric bill and save money by allowing us to provide LED lighting upgrades.

LED Lighting Upgrades Fairfax, VA

Benefits of LED Lighting Retrofits
Most incandescent bulbs last a few months before you need to replace them. How long does an LED light bulb last? If you use it for eight hours a day, you wouldn't need to replace it for about 20 years. Because LED lights do not use as much energy as typical bulbs, you could save hundreds of dollars a year on your monthly energy bill. Create better ambiance in your store or office while saving money in the process.

Even though fluorescents use less energy, LED lighting is more natural and soothing. It creates less eye strain for your employees and it encompasses the entire light spectrum. By providing LED lighting retrofits, we not only offer a money-saving solution to your lighting needs, but we also create better lighting ambiance in your store, office, or building. Some of the other benefits of LED lights include:

 Ecologically Friendly
 Durable Quality 
 No UV Emissions
 Versatile Design
 Low Voltage

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Upgrades
Save money and the environment with LED lights. Halogens and traditional bulbs are not for energy-conscious consumers. Fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, which is a substance that is extremely hazardous to humans and the environment. You need better options if you are an energy-saving and eco-friendly business owner. Today's LED lighting is both environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. Allow us to provide LED lighting retrofits to help save you money and protect the environment.

Contact us to upgrade your commercial space with new LED lights. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in Fairfax, Virginia.