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LED Lighting Upgrades in Arlington, VA

Do you want an affordable and effective way to give your business a makeover? LED lights not only add warm ambiance to your interior space, but they are also energy efficient. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LED lights are long-lasting and energy-saving lighting solutions that are also affordable. Walsh Electric offers a better way to light your business by providing LED lighting upgrades in Arlington, VA.

LED Lighting Upgrades  Arlington, VA

An advanced lighting product, LED lights can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electric bill. Spend less and improve the look of your business by depending on our licensed electricians for installation. Even though LED lights are brighter, they do not use as much electricity as other bulbs. Some of the other distinct advantages of LED lighting include:

 Ecologically Friendly
 Durable Quality 
 No UV Emissions
 Versatile Design
 Low Voltage

Affordable LED Lighting Retrofits
Fluorescent lights are harsh, while incandescent bulbs are expensive and energy-draining. You want to save money on your energy bill yet enjoy natural light at your business. When we provide LED lighting retrofits, we replace your old lighting system with a new energy-efficient one. Because they use low voltage, LED lights are ideal solutions for business owners. At the same time, they last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you leave an LED light on for eight hours day, it would take about 20 years before it needed to be replaced.

Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Upgrades
Change over to LED lights. You'll be glad you did. If you are an eco-conscious person, it is a wise choice for you. Incandescent bulbs are energy-consuming, and fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury, which is a substance that is extremely hazardous to humans and the environment. If ingested or inhaled, it causes serious complications.

However, LEDs are entirely safe. They do not contain dangerous materials, and they conserve our natural resources by using less energy. Allow our electricians to retrofit your lighting system with LEDs. Doing so helps you protect the planet and save energy—one light at a time.

Contact us for affordable LED lighting retrofits for your retail store. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in Arlington, Virginia.