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Heavy-Ups in McLean, VA

Give yourself more power! Walsh Electric specializes in providing comprehensive panel upgrades and heavy-ups in McLean, VA. Whether you are using more electrical devices, expanding your home, or your electrical panel is old, an upgrade is necessary to avoid overloading the circuit breakers. In addition, if you have electrical problems in your home, they could stem from your electrical panel. Don't take chances with your safety. Allow us to provide reliable, safe, and affordable panel changes.

Heavy-Ups in McLean, VA

From circuit breaker panel upgrades to full-service heavy-ups, we boost the power in your home while ensuring you and your property are safe. Some of the reasons to get a panel or service upgrade include:

 The lights in your home flicker when using a major appliance.
 The circuit breakers trip or fuses blow frequently.
 The electric panel overheats.
 Your home is older and has outdated electrical wiring.
 You use several extension cords and power strips.
 You don't have enough outlets to power all appliances.
 Your home has two-pronged outlets.
 You have added onto your home.

Why Are Panel Changes Important?
Take the load off! Your panel handles a great deal of power. However, sometimes it is not enough to accommodate your electrical needs. If it is overloaded, call us for panel changes. We'll inspect, repair, or upgrade your electrical panel to prevent damage and address safety concerns. If your home is several decades old, you've remodeled, or you've added a new major appliance, you may need an electrical service panel change.

Panel Upgrades for a Safer Home
A tripping circuit breaker is not only annoying, but it is also a warning sign. Without reliable circuit breakers in your home, appliances and wires would overheat if voltage load problems are present. Stay safe by depending on our electricians for circuit breaker upgrades. We upgrade panels for homeowners as well as business owners.

Affordable Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades
By replacing fuses and older circuit breakers, we ensure that your home is safe from electrical fires, power surges, and arcing. With new and improved circuit breakers, any electrical problem is stopped immediately at the breaker box. For a courteous team that provides prompt, accurate, and affordable services, you can depend on Walsh Electric.

Contact us to find out if you need an electrical heavy-up if you are living in an older home. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in McLean, Virginia.