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Heavy-Ups in Fairfax, VA

You want more power, but your breakers can't handle it. If you live in an older home or you have more electrical appliances than your electric panel is rated for, you may need panel changes or heavy-ups in Fairfax, VA. By replacing outdated or damaged electrical components, we give your home an electrical upgrade. Let us determine your needs to see if you can benefit from a heavy-up.

Why Panel Changes Are Important
Increase the power capacity of your circuit panel by depending on our licensed electricians for professional panel changes. Even though electrical panels are rated to handle a great deal of voltage, they can only take so much. As homeowners add newer appliances, more electricity is needed. That's when panel changes or heavy ups become necessary.

Depending on the age of your home and the electrical load that is on the panel, it may need an upgrade. Allow us to inspect your panel to ensure it is providing sufficient power to your home. You should consider panel changes if the following apply:

 Lights flicker throughout your home.
 Circuit breakers trip regularly or intermittently.
 You live in an old or historic home.
 Your home has fuses instead of breakers.
 Your electric panel is warm to the touch.
 You do not have enough power outlets.
 You plan to add new major appliances.
 You plan to build a new home addition.

Heavy-Ups in Fairfax, VA

More Power with Panel Upgrades
Increase the power of your panel and ensure that it is safe. By providing panel upgrades, we satisfy all of your electrical needs. Whether your panel is old or isn't inefficient, you can trust us to make all things new again. For instance, some panels use fuses, which do not provide reliable protection from surges or electrical overload. Installing a breaker panel is an excellent solution. If there are electrical problems in your home, don't wait until you have a power failure or something worse. Allow us to provide reliable, safe, and affordable panel upgrades.

Affordable Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades
Your electrical panel won't handle the power forever. Eventually, it will need to be replaced or upgraded. At the same time, newer electrical appliances can draw more power than your circuit panel is able to supply. It may be a good time for circuit breaker panel upgrades if you notice your electrical panel is buzzing or having any other problems.

Contact us for an inspection if you're concerned about the safety of your electric panel. We proudly serve commercial and residential customers in Fairfax, Virginia.