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Heavy-Ups in Alexandria, VA

You flip the switch and the power goes out. Perhaps you were using a hair dryer, a kitchen blender, or simply plugging in an electrical device. There are a number of reasons why your breakers trip. At Walsh Electric, we provide panel changes and heavy-ups in Alexandria, VA, so that you can have consistent power anytime. One of the primary reasons for tripping breakers involves an overloaded circuit board. Too much power being pulled through the board causes individual breakers to cut the power. This is an important safety feature in all electrical panels.

How to Tell if You Need Panel Changes
Increase the load capacity of your electrical panel, and you'll have the power to run every electronic device in your home—at the same time! Even though electrical panels can handle a great deal of power, they may not be able to accommodate your newer electrical appliances. Depending on the age of your home, your circuit board may be overdue for a panel upgrade. You should consider us for panel changes if any of the following apply:

 You live in an old or historic home.
 Lights flicker throughout your home.
 Circuit breakers trip regularly or intermittently.
 Your home has fuses instead of breakers.
 Your electric panel is warm to the touch.
 You do not have enough power outlets.
 You plan to add new major appliances.
 You plan to build a new home addition.

Increase Power through Panel Upgrades
Do you want more power? If you live in an older home, the chances are likely that your electrical panel has not been upgraded. It simply cannot handle the power needed for new electrical appliances and HVAC systems. With panel upgrades, replacing old wires, circuit panel boards, and breakers, we give your home an electrical makeover. Let us evaluate your needs to see how we can improve your home's electrical system.

Heavy-Ups Alexandria, VA

Safe Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades
Why tolerate tripping breakers when we can provide prompt solutions? At the same time, fault breakers often indicate more serious problems. Increase your power and ensure the safety of your panel by trusting our electricians for circuit breaker panel upgrades. If you notice that your electrical panel is buzzing or you suspect that it needs an upgrade, depend on our team for comprehensive inspections.

Contact for an inspection if you're concerned about the safety of your electrical circuit board.
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